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Subject [DAISY] Created: How do I implement a cancel button in Cocoon Forms?
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 17:39:02 GMT
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Name: How do I implement a cancel button in Cocoon Forms?
Document Type: FAQ
Created: 3/5/06 5:38:48 PM
Creator (owner): Bruno Dumon
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<p>The key to implementing a cancel button -- or any button you where you want
to exit the current form and move on to somewhere else -- is to add an event
handler to the button which indicates to the form that it should end the form
processing, and then checking the if the submit widget of the form is the cancel

<p>Below follow some snippets which illustrate this.</p>

<p>In the form definition, add the declaration of a cancel button:</p>

<pre>    &lt;fd:action id="cancel"&gt;

<p>In the flowscript, after the <tt>form.showForm</tt> function returns,
you can
check if the user pressed the cancel button using form.submitId:</p>

<pre>    var form = new Form("myform.xml");

    if (form.submitId == "cancel") {
      // the user pressed cancel


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