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Subject [DAISY] Created: Sitemap component documentation
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 16:53:08 GMT
A new document has been created.

Document ID: 1066
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Sitemap component documentation
Document Type: Cocoon Document
Created: 3/26/06 4:52:48 PM
Creator (owner): Bruno Dumon
State: publish


Mime type: text/xml
Size: 2138 bytes

<p>For documenting sitemap components, we use a system whereby certain parts of
the documentation are extracted automatically from the Java sources using a tool
called sitemaptags2daisy.</p>

<h1>Editing the documentation of a sitemap component</h1>

<p>Only edit the content of the the Long Description part in Daisy. The short
description and the value of the fields are automatically assigned from the Java
sources, so if you change them in Daisy, these changes will get overwritten the
next time the sitemaptags2daisy tool is run.</p>

<h1>Adding documentation for a new sitemap component</h1>

<p>If running the sitemaptags2daisy tool is not an option (no time, no
privileges, ...) then create manually a document of type "Sitemap Component". In
the JavaClass field, enter the fully qualified name of the implementation class.
Leave the other fields and the Short Description part empty, they will be
assigned the next time the sitemaptags2daisy tool runs. Enter the documentation
in the Long Description part.</p>

<h1>Adding javadoc tags</h1>

<p>The following special javadoc tags are supported (none of these are strictly
required by the sitemaptags2daisy tool):</p>

default name with which this component is declared in the sitemap</li>
excludes the component from the documentation</li>
A short (one-paragraph) description of the component. Can contain HTML markup
(preferably only inline tags).</li>
A comment about the caching of this component. The cacheability of the component
is figured out automatially by its implemented interfaces, but this tag allows
to provide a short comment on the chaching conditions. This is mapped to a field
in Daisy, thus should not contain HTML markup.</li>

<p>Next to these, the @deprecated tag is also synced with the Daisy document.

<h1>Running the sitemaptags2daisy tool</h1>

<p>TODO, see the README.txt in the sources for now.</p>


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