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Subject [DAISY] Created: Quickstart to Cocoon-2.2 with Maven
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 00:48:37 GMT
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Name: Quickstart to Cocoon-2.2 with Maven
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Created: 3/1/06 12:48:14 AM
Creator (owner): David Crossley
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<h1>Quickstart to Cocoon-2.2 with Maven</h1>

<h2>Get Cocoon-2.2 trunk</h2>

<p>Do 'svn checkout' of Cocoon trunk. Keep up-to-date because there is everyday

<h2>Install Maven</h2>

<p>Need at least Maven-2.0.2 and follow the
<a href="">installation
instructions</a>. Ensure that 'mvn --version' is okay.</p>

<p>It would also help to read the
<a href="">Getting
Started</a> guide.</p>

<h2>Populate your local repository</h2>

<p>This will take some time, as Cocoon has lots of dependencies.</p>

<pre># Change directory to Cocoon trunk $COCOON_HOME
cd /svn/asf/cocoon-trunk

# Run maven, skipping the Cocoon tests for now
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

<p>Maven has a list of repositories at which it will attempt to find each
dependency jar. If one repository does not have it, or is not available, then a
warning will be issued and alternate repositories will be used. If it fails,
then you need to keep running Maven until it is successful. Perhaps it will help
to switch central mirrors (see $COCOON_HOME/settings.xml).</p>

<pre># Keep running maven until successful
mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true</pre>

<h2>Offline mode</h2>

<p>After your local repository is ready and Cocoon has been built, subsequent
builds can be executed in offline mode. Maven will look for dependencies or poms
only in your local repository. However, after doing 'svn update' you will need
to let Maven loose on the network again. When doing active development, it is a
good idea to add the "clean" goal to be sure that everything gets rebuilt.</p>

<pre>mvn -o ...</pre>

<h2>Next steps</h2>

<p>After you have the trunk building, you can now go on to follow some of the
tutorials and get going with your favourite blocks.</p>

<li><a href="daisy:756">Cocoon and Maven2 (aka "Mavenization of Cocoon" aka
"M10N")</a> and also see $COCOON_HOME/README.m10n.txt</li>
<li>The dev thread
<a href="">Using trunk</a>
describes using the cocoon-webapp, adding blocks and samples, and links to some
other useful development discussion about Cocoon mavenisation</li>
<li><a href="daisy:796">Tutorial: Creating, extending and running a block</a>


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