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Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 22:55:21 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 764
Branch: main
Language: default
Document Type: Navigation (unchanged)
Updated on: 11/9/05 10:55:15 PM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

A new version has been created, state: publish

Navigation Description
This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 23598 bytes (previous version: 23329 bytes)
Content diff:
(213 equal lines skipped)
          <d:group id="basics" label="Basics">
            <d:doc id="489" nodeId="index" label="Introduction"/>
            <d:doc id="478" nodeId="sample" label="Sample"/>
---         <d:doc id="752" label="Improving the sample"/>
+++         <d:doc id="752" nodeId="improving_sample" label="Improving the sample"/>
          <d:group id="widgets" label="Widgets">
---         <d:doc id="754" label="form"/>
+++         <d:doc id="754" nodeId="widget_form" label="form"/>
            <d:doc id="481" nodeId="widget_field" label="field"/>
            <d:doc id="490" nodeId="widget_multivaluefield" label="multivaluefield"/>
            <d:doc id="482" nodeId="widget_booleanfield" label="booleanfield"/>
(6 equal lines skipped)
            <d:doc id="486" nodeId="widget_aggregatefield" label="aggregatefield"/>
            <d:doc id="483" nodeId="widget_upload" label="upload"/>
            <d:doc id="497" nodeId="widget_messages" label="messages"/>
---         <d:doc id="738" label="imagemap"/>
---         <d:doc id="739" label="tree"/>
---         <d:doc id="740" label="group/struct"/>
---         <d:doc id="741" label="union"/>
---         <d:doc id="742" label="class/new"/>
+++         <d:doc id="738" nodeId="widget_imagemap" label="imagemap"/>
+++         <d:doc id="739" nodeId="widget_tree" label="tree"/>
+++         <d:doc id="740" nodeId="widget_group" label="group/struct"/>
+++         <d:doc id="741" nodeId="widget_union" label="union"/>
+++         <d:doc id="742" nodeId="widget_class" label="class/new"/>
          <d:group id="widgetconcepts" label="Widget Concepts">
            <d:doc id="484" nodeId="validation" label="Validation"/>
            <d:doc id="479" nodeId="eventhandling" label="Event Handling"/>
            <d:doc id="487" nodeId="datatypes" label="Datatypes"/>
---         <d:doc id="753" label="Selection lists"/>
---         <d:doc id="733" label="Widget states"/>
+++         <d:doc id="753" nodeId="selectionlists" label="Selection lists"/>
+++         <d:doc id="733" nodeId="widgetstates" label="Widget states"/>
          <d:group id="publishing" label="Form Publishing">
---         <d:doc id="755" label="Templating">
+++         <d:doc id="755" nodeId="templating" label="Templating">
              <d:doc id="480" nodeId="templategenerator" label="Template Generator"/>
              <d:doc id="475" nodeId="templatetransformer" label="Template Transformer"/>
            <d:doc id="476" nodeId="formsgenerator" label="Generator"/>
            <d:doc id="485" nodeId="xslt" label="XSLT"/>
---       <d:group id="binding" label="Binding">
+++       <d:group label="Binding">
            <d:doc id="488" nodeId="binding" label="Binding Framework"/>
---         <d:doc id="743" label="Simple XML Binding"/>
+++         <d:doc id="743" nodeId="xmlbinding" label="Simple XML Binding"/>
          <d:group id="api" label="API">
            <d:doc id="491" nodeId="api_javascript" label="Javascript (Flowscript)"/>
            <d:doc id="498" nodeId="api_java" label="Java"/>
---       <d:doc id="685" label="Form libraries"/>
---       <d:doc id="750" label="Ajax"/>
+++       <d:doc id="685" nodeId="formlibraries" label="Form libraries"/>
+++       <d:doc id="750" nodeId="ajax" label="Ajax"/>
          <d:link url="" label="Forms @ Wiki"/>
        <d:group id="xsp" label="XSP">
(135 equal lines skipped)

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