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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Cocoon Forms: XSLT
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 14:46:14 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 485
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Cocoon Forms: XSLT (unchanged)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 10/23/05 2:46:01 PM
Updated by: Bruno Dumon

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    <h1>fi:styling options</h1>
--- <h2>fi:field (without selection list)</h2>
+++ <p>The fi:styling options for the different widgets are documented in the
+++ respective sections about those widgets.</p>
--- <p>By default all attributes on the fi:styling element will be copied onto the
--- resulting HTML &lt;input&gt; element. Thus you can put e.g. type, class, style
--- and size attributes on it. For example:</p>
--- <pre>&lt;ft:widget id="myfield"&gt;
---   &lt;fi:styling size="50" class="kinky"/&gt;
--- &lt;/ft:widget&gt;</pre>
--- <p>Some values for the type attribute will cause special effects:</p>
--- <ul>
--- <li><strong>type="textarea"</strong>: creates a &lt;textarea&gt;
instead of an
--- &lt;input&gt; element</li>
--- <li><strong>type="htmlarea"</strong>: creates a &lt;textarea&gt;
instead of an
--- &lt;input&gt; element, adding support for WYSIWYG editing of HTML using HTMLArea
--- (works with IE 5.5+ under Windows and Mozilla 1.3+, any platform)</li>
--- <li><strong>type="output"</strong>: outputs the field's value as uneditable
--- </li>
--- </ul>
--- <p>Adding an attribute <strong>submit-on-change="true"</strong> on fi:styling
--- will cause an automatic form submit when the field's value changes.</p>
--- <h2>fi:field (with selection list)</h2>
--- <p>By default, a field with a selection list is rendered as a dropdown box.</p>
--- <p>Adding an attribute <strong>list-type="radio"</strong> on fi:styling
--- a vertical list of radio buttons instead. Add list-orientation="horizontal" to
--- have a horizontal list of radio buttons.</p>
--- <p>Adding an attribute <strong>list-type="listbox"</strong> on fi:styling
--- produces a selection list, use the attribute list-size to specify its size
--- (default 5).</p>
--- <h2>fi:action</h2>
--- <p>By default, creates an &lt;input&gt; of type submit, thus showing a standard
--- button. To have an image button instead, try this:</p>
--- <pre>&lt;fi:styling type="image" src="blah.gif"&gt;</pre>
--- <h2>Other widgets</h2>
--- <p>Not yet documented here, but don't be afraid to look at the source of the
--- XSLT's.</p>
    <h1>High-level styling with fi:group</h1>
    <p>No documentation yet, checkout the samples and the source of
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