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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Fast guide to XDoc Writing
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 14:13:17 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 417
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Fast guide to XDoc Writing (unchanged)
Document Type: Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 10/19/05 2:13:06 PM
Updated by: Ross Gardler

A new version has been created, state: publish

This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 2563 bytes (previous version: 2558 bytes)
Content diff:
(11 equal lines skipped)
    <p>Now that we have shown normal text, lets add figure and anchor :</p>
--- <p align="center"><img src="file:C:\mypicture.gif"/></p>
+++ <p align="center"><img src="daisy:406"/></p>
(62 equal lines skipped)
    <h1>What about tables ?</h1>
+++ <tbody>
    <p>This is a TH one of TR one</p>
(10 equal lines skipped)
    <p>This is a TD two of TR two.</p>
+++ </tbody>
    <h1>Let's finish with some code...</h1>
(14 equal lines skipped)

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