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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Stream Generator
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 13:52:40 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 545
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Stream Generator (unchanged)
Document Type: Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 10/4/05 1:52:06 PM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

A new version has been created, state: publish

This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 3285 bytes (previous version: 3309 bytes)
Content diff:
(53 equal lines skipped)
    <li>To invoke telnet, connect to localhost 8080 and to use content of
--- <a href="userdocs/generators/telnet.txt">telnet.txt</a> file as a post message.
--- </li>
+++ <a href="daisy:728">telnet.txt</a> file as a post message.</li>
    <li>Here, the Copy-Paste method should be used.</li>
    <li>Remember to hit the enter button twice enter after the contents of the post
    are set in telnet.</li>
(7 equal lines skipped)
    you can invoke a message targeting my processing. Any other method is good (URL
    object connection) as long the message is well formed.</p>
--- <pre>
+++ <pre>     
      &lt;map:generate type="stream"/&gt;
    <p>If you want to process XML streams sent by clients that don't set the
    Content-Type HTTP header just use the defaultContentType parameter.</p>
--- <pre>
+++ <pre>     
      &lt;map:generate type="stream"&gt;
        &lt;map:parameter name="defaultContentType" value="text/xml"/&gt;
(5 equal lines skipped)

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