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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Cocoon 2.2 Sitemap internals
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 13:19:56 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Cocoon 2.2 Sitemap internals (unchanged)
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Updated on: 10/5/05 1:19:42 PM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

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    <p>Once the pipeline is built in the previous phase, its execution is invoked by
    calling generator.generate().</p>
--- <h1>The simple process</h1>
+++ <h1>The process</h1>
+++ <h2>The simple version</h2>
    <p>Assume a simple site which contains only one sitemap. In that case the phases
    are executed in order. When the sitemap is changed, Cocoon is triggered to
    reload the sitemap. The reloading is executed when a new request comes in. At
    that point, the current sitemap tree is marked for deletion. All the previous
    requests are still handled by the old version of the sitemap and a counter
    counts down the requests until all requests are handled. Then the old version of
--- the sitemap is actually deleted.<br/>
+++ the sitemap is actually disposed.<br/>
    In the meantime a new tree is built and a new version of the ServiceManager is
    setup. During the build process, all requests (i.e. the request that triggered
    the reload and all subsequent requests) are suspended until the build phase is
    completed. Then all suspended requests are matched against the new version of
    the tree.</p>
+++ <p>&lt;&lt;insert slide1 here&gt;&gt;</p>
+++ <h2>Subsitemaps</h2>
+++ <p>Although subsitemaps basically follow the same process, they are not built
+++ until they are needed.<br/>
+++ When a request comes in and matches the URL of a mount node in the root sitemap,
+++ it invokes a build of the subsitemap.</p>
+++ <p>&lt;&lt;insert slide 2 here&gt;&gt;</p>
+++ <h2>Cocoon: protocol</h2>
+++ <p>When the pipeline is executed, it might encounter a CInclude or a cocoon:
+++ protocol that refers to a different sitemap. When the necessary sitemap is not
+++ built at that time, phase 1 is started for the new sitemap.</p>
+++ <p>&lt;&lt;insert slide 3 here&gt;&gt;</p>

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