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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Live Sites
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:03:33 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Live Sites (unchanged)
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Updated on: 9/19/05 10:03:12 AM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

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    information, i.e. make a copy of it and paste it above the first entry in the
    appropriate page. This way we will have the most recently added sites first.</p>
+++ <p class="note">This note should be removed when the page is published on the
+++ official documentation site!</p>
    <p>Below you find information and links to sites that are proudly powered by
    Cocoon 2.1. To give each site proper attention and still keep the page, the
    sites are grouped per Cocoon version.<br/>
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    Cocoon 2.1.8-dev<br/>
    Cocoon 2.1.7<br/>
    Cocoon 2.1.6<br/>
--- Cocoon 2.1.5<br/>
--- Cocoon 2.1.4<br/>
--- Cocoon 2.1.3<br/>
--- Cocoon 2.1.2<br/>
+++ <a href="daisy:702"> Cocoon 2.1.5</a><br/>
+++ <a href="daisy:701"> Cocoon 2.1.4</a><br/>
+++ <a href="daisy:700"> Cocoon 2.1.3</a><br/>
+++ <a href="daisy:699"> Cocoon 2.1.2</a><br/>
    <a href="daisy:698"> Cocoon 2.1.1</a><br/>
    <a href="daisy:697"> Cocoon 2.1</a></p>
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