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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Update of "Logicsheets in Logicsheets" by LarsHuttar
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 22:36:05 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by LarsHuttar:

New page:
= Logicsheets in Logicsheets =

== About this page ==

Here is some additional information about using logicsheets in logicsheets that can make a
critical difference in whether an application functions correctly or not. I believe it should
be added to the official Cocoon docs at [].
My source for this info is Alfred Nathaniel.

Additions and corrections are welcome. [LarsHuttar]

== Application Order of Logicsheets ==

According to Alfred, when two or more builtin logicsheets are used in an XSP page, "the order
[in which they get applied] is not defined since it is derived from the namespace declaration
on the xsp:page root element." (See Cocoon User mailing list. URL?) However if one logicsheet
is meant to produce XML that is to be transformed by another, the order of application must
be well-defined. Otherwise you may get a situation where an application works sometimes, or
even most of the time, but can fail at unpredictable moments.

To solve this problem, you can put <xsp:logicsheet location="path/to/logicsheetA.xsl"/>
as a (the first?) child of <xsp:page>, where logicsheetA is the logicsheet that must
run first (because it produces output to be processed by another logicsheet). This tells the
logicsheet processor to run logicsheetA first. Examples for location:

 * location="path/to/logicsheetA.xsl" (a file path relative to current sitemap, or absolute)

 * location="context://path/to/logicsheetA.xsl" (a file path relative to webapp directory)

 * location="cocoon:/path/to/logicsheetA.xsl" (a pipeline URL relative to current sitemap)

 * location="cocoon://path/to/logicsheetA.xsl" (a pipeline URL relative to root sitemap)

NB the xsp:logicsheet magic happens in o.a.c.components.language.markup.CocoonMarkupLanguage.

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