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Subject [DAISY] Created: XMLBuddy
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 21:24:45 GMT
A new document has been created.

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Name: XMLBuddy
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Created: 6/9/05 9:23:51 PM
Creator (owner): Mark Leicester
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<html imagetoolbarenabled="true">

<p>You can download it from their
<a href="">website.</a></p>

<p>Choose the standard, free version, not the Pro version. You can choose the
Pro version at a later date, when you find it useful.<br/>
Follow their instructions, which basically come down to:</p>

<li>choose the appropriate version, based on your Eclipse version (at the time
of this writing we use Eclipse version 3.X, which means XMLBuddy 2.0.22).</li>
<li>download the zip file.</li>
<li>extract it in the eclipse/plugins directory.</li>

<p>Rule of thumb: after installing plugins, it is best to restart Eclipse.<br/>
Under the <em>windows</em> menu items, you find <em>Preference</em>,
which gives
you further customization options.</p>

<h4>Setting the associations to use XMLBuddy</h4>

<p>Once you have XMLBuddy installed, make sure you set the file associations
correct, so that XML files are opened with the XMLBuddy editor. You can do this
as follows:</p>

<p>(Eclipse version 3.0.2):</p>

<li>open <em>windows</em>, <em>preferences</em></li>
<li>open <em>Workbench </em>in the left hand tree</li>
<li>click on <em>File Associations</em></li>

<p>(Eclipse version 3.1.X):</p>

<li>open <em>windows</em>, <em>preferences</em></li>
<li>open <em>General</em>, <em>Editors</em> in the left hand
<li>click on <em>File Associations</em></li>

<p>Then in all versions:</p>

<li>check the listbox on the right for the following extensions and set them to
use XMLBuddy:</li>

<li>set XMLBuddy as default editor:</li>
<li>select the appropriate extension</li>
<li>check the box <em>Associated editors</em></li>
<li>if necessary, click <em>Add...</em> and add XMLBuddy</li>
<li>select <em>XMLBuddy</em> and click <em>Default</em></li>



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