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Subject [DAISY] Created: Checking out with Subclipse
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 23:57:51 GMT
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Name: Checking out with Subclipse
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<p>If you are using Eclipse, the easiest way to get the Cocoon source code is
through the use of the <a href="daisy:24">Subclipse</a> plugin.</p>

<h1>Create a new repository</h1>

<li>In Eclipse, click Window &gt; Open Perspective &gt; Other...</li>
<li>Choose "SVN Repository Exploring" and click OK.</li>
<li>In the SVN Repository view, right-click and select New &gt; Repository
<li>Enter "" into the URL field.</li>
<li>Leave the username and password fields empty.</li>
<li>Click "Browse..." to choose "" as the
Root URL.</li>
<li>Leave the user and password fields blank.</li>
<li>Click "Finish".</li>

<p class="note">SVN access from behind a firewall might be a problem. If this is
the case, you should use instead.</p>

<h1>Check out the Cocoon BRANCH_2_1_X source code</h1>

<li>From the SVN Repository view, expand
<li>Open the branches subfolder.</li>
<li>Right-click on BRANCH_2_1_X, and choose "Check Out As...".</li>
<li>Choose "Java Project from the Wizards box and click "Next".</li>
<li>Enter BRANCH_2_1_X into the project name field.</li>
<li>Click "Finish", and wait. The entire project will be downloaded from the
Subversion repository. As Cocoon is a large project, this may take a while. In
Eclipse's Console View you can see what is going on. When the download is
finished, you will see a line like:<br/>

<pre>Checked out revision 2007.</pre>

<p class="note">Eclipse automatically detects source folders and adds them to
your project (there is no need to run an Ant task to create an Eclipse project).


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