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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: BeginnerInstallation
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 16:35:08 GMT
   Date: 2005-03-05T08:35:07
   Editor: BertrandDelacretaz
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: BeginnerInstallation

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Change Log:

@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
 - COCOON-RELEASES: 2.0.3, 2.0.4[[BR]]
 - DOCUMENT-STATUS: '''*draft*''' reviewed released[[BR]]
+'''Warning''': many pages on this wiki imply that a servlet container must be installed before
running Cocoon, this is '''wrong''' - see NoServletContainerRequired. A basic installation
of Cocoon for test or development purposes can be ''very simple''.
 === What you will get from this page ===
 You will learn how to retrieve and deploy Cocoon into a running servlet container. This approach
has been tested with tomcat 4.1.16 and newer releases. It should also work for other servlet
containers.  This ''only'' applies to binary releases (ended as of 2.0.4), so you'll need
to find a tutorial on installing 2.1 somewhere else.
@@ -68,20 +70,20 @@
  *  Create a folder named '''cocoon''' within the webapps folder of your servlet container.
  *  Copy '''cocoon.war''' into the newly created folder
- *  Unzip the war file: {{{
-jar -xf cocoon.war
+ *  Unzip the war file: {{{
+jar -xf cocoon.war
 After unzipping you will see a complete webapp folder structure containing your cocoon web
  *  Restart your container (''if necessary'')
 After your container is ready for operation, you can switch
-to your browser and enter {{{
+to your browser and enter {{{
-For a default Tomcat setup, this will be {{{
+For a default Tomcat setup, this will be {{{
 You will get the welcome message from Cocoon.
@@ -123,11 +125,11 @@
 You will find the cocoon logs within the Cocoon webapp 
 under the folder WEB-INF/logs. 
 Once you moved to this folder you will find four log files:

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