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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: YourCocoonBasedProjectAnt16
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:28:18 GMT
   Date: 2005-02-24T03:28:18
   Editor: StenAkselHeien
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: YourCocoonBasedProjectAnt16

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Change Log:

@@ -6,11 +6,14 @@
  1. get Cocoon distribution (if you don't already have it)
  1. make project directory and put build-cocoon-targets.xml in the directory
- 1. edit build-cocoon-targets.xml and replace "Your``Cocoon``Based``Project" with your project
+ 1. edit build-cocoon-targets.xml and replace project name "Your``Cocoon``Based``Project"
with your project name
  1. 'seed' the project
     1. {{{ant -f build-cocoon-targets.xml -Dcocoon.distro.home=/path/to/your/cocoon/distribution}}}
+    * build.xml have been generated for you with your project name
     * Note: the cocoon.distro.home is now set in
     * Note for windows users: set the slashes as forward slashes
+ 1. edit build-cocoon-targets.xml (again) and add "Targets" to your project name
+    * build-cocoon-targets.xml is imported by the build.xml file and the two projects can't
have the same name.
  1. customize the src/cocoon/
     1. important: remove the path variables in this file (ant cannot substitute variables
in property files, so ${...} variables would cause build errors). Remove sections build, build
webapp, src, standalone demo, dir layout, tools, deprecated, ide, lib, dist, site, legal,
gump, so that there are no more ${...} and variables in this file.
     1. set include to false for the blocks you don't need in the top part of
(remove # in front of line)

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