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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: PortalPageLabels
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 07:34:07 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-13T23:34:07
   Editor: RalphGoers
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: PortalPageLabels

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Change Log:

@@ -143,10 +143,48 @@
 [[BR]]''parameterName'' - Identifies the request parameter to use to identify the page label.
The default value is “pageLabel”.
 [[BR]]''aspectName'' - Specifies the aspect name to use when creating events. This must be
the same value used when configuring the T''''''abbedContentAspect. It is used along with
the layout name and the layout hashcode to construct the key to use when saving the value
that identifies which item has been selected in a layout. The default value is “tab”. The
specified name must not conflict with any other keys stored using the same layout.  It is
possible that individual T''''''abbedContentAspects can be configured with different aspect
names. However, since the P''''''ageLabelManager can only be configured with a single aspectName,
all T''''''abbedContentAspect instances must be configured with the same value.
 [[BR]]''nonStickyTabs'' - Specifies whether sticky tabs are used. This is described in the
following section.  The default value is “false”.
+[[BR]]''marshallEvents'' - Specifies whether event marshalling is to occur (currently only
applies to JSR-168 portlet url events). If set to true marshalling will occur.  See the section
on JSR-168 Portlet URLs below.
 = Sticky Tabs =
 The Cocoon Portal supports pages with sub-navigation items on them.  If a sub-navigation
item is selected, the default behavior of the portal whenever the main navigation for the
page is selected is to return to the last sub-navigation item that was selected.  The Page
Label Manager allows this behavior to be changed so that whenever a main navigation tab is
selected the first sub-navigation item is displayed.  This is accomplished by setting the
nonStickyTabs element to true in the Page Label Manager’s configuration.
+= JSR-168 Portlet URLs =
+JSR-168 defines two kinds of URLs; Action URLs and Render URLs. Pluto processes Action URLs
by issuing a redirect. Of course, this causes a second invocation of the Portal for the same
initial request. The implication of this is that any events created for the initial request
are gone when control is returned to the browser. Thus, simply refreshing the screen can cause
unexpected behavior. The only good solution to solve this is not to return event ids to the
browser for Portlet URLs.  Support to do this has been added in version 2.1.7.
+== Configuration ==
+1. Portal P''''''ageLabels must be configured as described above.
+1. Modify cocoon.xconf.
+  a. Add  an aspect definition for C''''''onvertableEventAspect to the list of the list of
aspects in the component with the role named org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.aspect.E''''''ventAspectSelector.
+  a. Add the convertable aspect to the list of aspects in the event manager. 
+  a. Add a paramter defintion with name "parameter-name" and value "". The list of aspects
should now look like:
+  <event-aspects>
+    <aspect type="convertable"/>
+    <aspect type="frame"/>
+    <aspect type="link"/>
+    <aspect type="full-screen-coplet"/>
+    <aspect type="page-label"/>
+    <aspect type="request-parameter">
+      <parameter name="parameter-name" value="cocoon-portal-event,url"/>
+    </aspect>
+  </event-aspects>
+  a. Add a new component using class org.apache.cocoon.components.E''''''xtendedComponentSelector
and role org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.C''''''onvertableEventFactorySelector. Within this
component define factories as:
+<component class="org.apache.cocoon.components.ExtendedComponentSelector" role="org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.ConvertableEventFactorySelector">
+  <factory name="cocoon-portal-fs" class="org.apache.cocoon.portal.event.impl.FullScreenCopletEventFactory"/>
+  <factory name="url" class="org.apache.cocoon.portal.pluto.PortletURLProviderFactory"/>
+  a. Configure the P''''''ageLabelManager to enable event marshalling by specifying:
+  <marshallEvents>true</marshallEvents>
+In release 2.1.7 the sample portal contains the configuration listed in the preceding sections.
However, most of the features are disabled by default. Comments have been placed in the configuration
where needed to indicate how to enable these features.

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