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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 22:04:15 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-09T14:04:15
   Editor: JonathanMerriman
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul

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Change Log:

@@ -246,6 +246,20 @@
   It's true the the Apache brand is something worth building on. For the rest see my comment
above concerning the nature of Cocoon vs. other successful Apache projects.
+JonathanMerriman replies:
+Major design issues with the site:
+ * The heading and navigation take up too much real-estate. 
+ * Page body is too wide.
+ * Page layout seems unbalanced, fragmented.
+Quick fixes:
+ * Reduce padding of the page body.
+ * Use a narrow, serif font such as Times for the page body.
+ * Redo the masthead. No use saying "Cocoon" twice.
+ I am actually quite fond of the Struts site (and the main ASF site, for that matter). Another
example of a good site layout is [ "The Mono Project"]. It has
a clean layout that nicely separates tasks (general info, developing, and contributing, with
quick links to downloads and documentation).
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