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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 06:56:22 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-13T22:56:22
   Editor: DavidLeangen <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul

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Change Log:

@@ -23,6 +23,13 @@
  * Cocoon215TOC
+== "Project" Members ==
+The contributors to this little "project" are:
+ * DavidLeangen
+ * <your name here>
 = Main Conent =
@@ -35,7 +42,7 @@
  * Explain our vision of what the site should be; and
  * Act as the basis of a new Cocoon website; or
- * Act as the basis of a new project external to Cocoon; or
+ * Act as the basis of a new project external to Cocoon; or even
  * Act as the basis for a commercial project
 == General Principles ==
@@ -51,6 +58,7 @@
  * Eliminate the wiki, or have page timeouts
  * Be very concise, ruthlessly deleting unnecessary content
+ * Focus more on what the user wants to accomplish than on what Cocoon does
  * <to be continued>
 === Elimination of the Wiki ===
@@ -61,13 +69,30 @@
 Proof of the need of this is the large number of unused pages on the wiki. Although great
effort has been made to clean up the wiki, inevitably, it will again become messy after a
few more months of use.
+== Proposed Content Structure ==
-== "Project" Members ==
+This section explains the approach we will take to determine what the structure of the new
site should be.
-The contributors to this little "project" are:
+=== Fundamental Questions ===
+To determine what the structure should be, we first need some way of being able to answer
these fundamental questions:
+ * What type(s) of user(s) will be visiting the website?
+ * What is the user's goal?
+ * What, precisely, do we want to communicate?
+=== Task-based ===
+Navigation of the site should be task-based and not content-based. What we mean by this is
that content should appear according to what the user is trying to achieve, rather than according
to the information we want to present. This means, counter to the fundamental programming
axiom of "once and only once", that information may be duplicated. Note, however, that the
information source need not be duplicated: only the resulting HTML.
+For example, User A is a company decision-maker with moderate technical skills. She has been
nagged by some of her developers to look into Cocoon, since they have used it before and believe
that it could help their company. Her goal, then, is to make a first evaluation of Cocoon
to evaluate the risk of using an open-source project from within the company.
+User B is a very experienced developer with fairly advanced skills. User B doesn't want fluff,
but wants to get right to the meat. He doesn't like people spoon feeding him information,
but would rather see what's inside Cocoon and how it works and make a decision for himself.
+User C, however, is fairly new to programming, or at least Java programming. His job is to
build a corporate website for a small company of 50 people. He has used PHP, but is frustrated
with its limitations. Hearing about what Cocoon has to offer, he wants to give it a try.
- * DavidLeangen
- * <your name here>
+Each of these types of users have not only very different goals, but different skill sets.
What they want from the site is very different. Using the "once and only once" approach, it
is simply not possible (except using some business logic in a dynamic site, which is not what
we're proposing here).
 == <to be continued> ==

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