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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] New: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 15:55:13 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-13T07:55:12
   Editor: DavidLeangen <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul

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New Page:

=  Extreme Overhaul of the Cocoon Website =
- TARGET-AUDIENCE: '''*anybody*'''[[BR]]
- DOCUMENT-STATUS: '''*draft*'''[[BR]]

= Page Summary =

== What you will get from this page ==

A proposal for an extreme workover of the current Cocoon website.

== Your basic skills ==

 * You know a little bit about Cocoon
 * You can read and write English
 * You won't throw too many insults our way ;-)

== Technical prerequisites ==

 * None

== Links to other information sources ==

 * Cocoon215TOC


= Main Conent =

== Overview ==

This page presents a proposal for a complete overhaul of the Cocoon website. Since this approach
is very much divergent from the current approach used by the Cocoon project, we expect that
it will mostly generate resistence and will not actually materialize on the main Cocoon site.

Nonetheless, this is still a useful excercise to:

 * Explain our vision of what the site should be
 * Act as the basis of a new project external to Cocoon, or
 * Act as the basis for a commercial project

== General Principles ==

The new website should:

 * Make the new content user-centric rather than product-centric
 * Have information that is more accessible to new users
 * Provide more commerical-friendly content
 * Place more emphasis on eduction

To accomplish this, the content should:

 * Eliminate the wiki, or have page timeouts
 * Be very concise, ruthlessly deleting unnecessary content
 * <to be continued>

=== Elimination of the Wiki ===

We are proposing the the wiki be eliminated, or at least relegated as a type of sandbox.

As a sandbox, each page may exist for a maximum of 3 months before being deleted. The logic
behind this is that if the information is useful, then it should be promoted to the main website.
Otherwise, the information is not useful and should be removed.

Proof of the need of this is the large number of unused pages on the wiki. Although great
effort has been made to clean up the wiki, inevitably, it will again become messy after a
few more months of use.

== "Project" Members ==

The contributors to this little "project" are:

 * DavidLeangen
 * <your name here>

== <to be continued> ==

===  page metadata ===
- AUTHOR: DavidLeangen[[BR]]
- AUTHOR-CONTACT: mailto:dleangen<at>[[BR]]

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