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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: MergingBranches
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:08:22 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-11T10:08:22
   Editor: SylvainWallez <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: MergingBranches

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -14,35 +14,6 @@
       Scratchpad block: Restored CastorTransformer support for context beans,
       restored bean lookup logic, fixed sample.
--   <action dev="SW" type="fix">
--     The CocoonBean now creates its own private logger hierarchy, thus avoiding to
--     pollute the CocoonServlet hierarchy when called in that context (e.g. when
--     generating a static site from a CMS)
--   </action>
-    <action dev="GP" type="add">
-      Added replacement for Excalibur Event package in
-      org.apache.cocoon.components.thread and migrated most classes using their own
-@@ -223,20 +387,10 @@
-    <action dev="TC" type="add">
-      Javaflow block: Add parameter support
-    </action>
--   <action dev="SW" type="add">
--     CForms block: added widget states. All widgets can now have an "active" (default),
"disabled" or "invisible"
--     state. Updated the stylesheets accordingly to use HTML's disabled inputs.
--   </action>
-    <action dev="AG" type="fix" fixes-bug="29945" due-to="Christoph Gaffga" due-to-email="">
-      Scratchpad block: BetwixtTransformer: removed deprecation warning with
-      latest betwixt
-    </action>
--   <action dev="SW" type="fix" fixes-bug="25951">
--     Flowscript: enforce the explicit declaration of variables in the global
--     scope (attached to the session). This avoids the implicit declaration of
--     variables in the global scope when the 'var' keyword is missing, which
--     leads to weird bugs difficult to track down, especially with continuations.
--   </action>
-    <action dev="ATC" type="update">
-      Deprecated the PHP block since the PHP servlet the generator depends on
-      never worked properly. Explicitly excluded the PHP block from
 @@ -260,6 +414,9 @@
       Flow invocations (function calls or continuation invocations) should always
       result in a response. Flowscripts with no response are prohibited.

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