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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: XFormsInCocoon
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 02:44:53 GMT
   Date: 2004-10-04T19:44:53
   Editor: LarsHuttar <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: XFormsInCocoon

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Change Log:

@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@
 The caveats don't seem to bad for the time being. Moreover, I feel comfortable with them
because I'm not locked in. If I decide on a different solution, I should be able to repurpose
the XForms output to some other renderer, such as Chicoon, without much trouble. I haven't
done this yet, but I will most likely create an "insert DENG object" transformer that isolates
any DENG-specific code from the rest.
+ * Later note: I have not been successful in getting DENG to communicate the values of a
form to Cocoon. I can get Cocoon to receive values from a regular HTML form (as request parameters)
or from a Cocoon Form; I can also run a [
demo] of DENG submitting values to a php script  and it works. But I have not been able to
set up a DENG/XForm page so that I can hit "submit" and have a Cocoon pipeline receive the
data. If anyone has, I would appreciate a holler.
 == Feedback and synergy ==
 I would be interested in hearing from others about their experiences with Cocoon and XForms.

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