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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] New: BeaWeblogic
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:24:03 GMT
   Date: 2004-09-30T05:24:02
   Editor: SaschaMatthiasKulawik <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: BeaWeblogic

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New Page:

==  Getting Cocoon running in BEA Weblogic ==
In general Cocoon is running in every Application Server. Mostly it is used inside Apache
Tomcat, sometimes it is necessary to run Cocoon in different Application Servers.
BEA Weblogic is one of mostly used Application Servers, so it might be useful to get Cocoon
running here.
=== Cocoon 2.1.x and BEA Weblogic 6.1  ===
We've tested Cocoon 2.1.x under Solaris, Windows and Linux. The most problems occur using
Solaris Environment. 
There are only a few steps to do:
 * Flowscript is only working with the latest SVN version of Cocoon on Weblogic 6.1 because
of Rhino issues. So check out latest Cocoon or take a nightly build.
 * Compile the SVN checkout with the build script using '''JDK 1.3.1'''
 * Deploy the application, go to the weblogic console
  * In "Configuration/Other" of the Webapp check "Prefer Web Inf Classes"
  * For Solaris you '''HAVE TO''' go to "Configuration/Files" and set the "Reload Period"
to -1 because of performance issues

AUTHOR: Sascha-Matthias Kulawik, AUTHOR-CONTACT:

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