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Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Updated: FlowBasedXMLEditor
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 04:00:57 GMT
   Date: 2004-09-15T21:00:56
   Editor: TonyEdwards <>
   Wiki: Cocoon Wiki
   Page: FlowBasedXMLEditor

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -28,36 +28,15 @@
-[[BR]]// Create a new document, given the name of its root element
-[[BR]]function newDocument(root, attributeName, attributeVal) {
-[[BR]]	var result = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder().newDocument();
-[[BR]]    // Create a processing instruction targeted for xml.
-[[BR]]    var node = result.createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version='1.0'");
-[[BR]]    result.appendChild(node);
-[[BR]]    node = null;
-[[BR]]    // Create a comment for the document.
-[[BR]]    node = result.createComment(
-[[BR]]        "sample xml file created using XML DOM object.");
-[[BR]]    result.appendChild(node);
-[[BR]]    node=null;	
-[[BR]]	result.appendChild(result.createElement(root));
-[[BR]]	print("Add attributes to root..." + attributeName);
-[[BR]]    if (attributeVal != null){
-[[BR]]    	try	{
-[[BR]]			print("creating attribute for root: " + attributeName);    	
-[[BR]]			var root = result.getFirstChild();
-[[BR]]			root.setAttribute(attributeName, attributeVal);    			
-[[BR]]        } catch (error) {
-[[BR]]            cocoon.log.error("Could not add attribute node to root: " + error);
-[[BR]]        }
-[[BR]]    }
-[[BR]]	return result;
+[[BR]] Thereafter is became an exercise in wrapping the DOM functions in flow script. Attached
is my general purpose jsUtils.js file which contains all the necessary methods to carry out
DOM manipulation. If anyone can see any obvious flaws, please let me know!
+To create a new document, pass the name of the document to the newDocument function. Adding
attributes is as simple as calling addAttribute. If the nodeParent parameter is null, the
attribute gets assigned to the document root.
+The use of the sessionManager is interesting. I couldn't for the life of me get a reference
to the DOM if I used the cocoon.session object. I don't know why. I scoured all manner of
places and found the use of the sessionManager, stuck the document in there, and then I was
able to access the DOM from the pipeline. Maybe I missed something, but it works.
+ var sXmlName = "TestDoc";
+    var xmlDoc = newDocument("hierarchy","description",Trim(sXmlName));
+    //Make its hierarchy number = 0 so we know its a newy
+    addAttribute(xmlDoc,null,"hrcyNumber",0);
+ 	var sessionManager = cocoon.getComponent("org.apache.cocoon.webapps.session.SessionManager");
+	var session = sessionManager.getSession(true);
+	session.setAttribute("hrcyDoc", hrcyDoc);
+	cocoon.sendPage("tree-menu");		

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