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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] LenyaPicturesHowto Lenya Sun Jun 27 21:00:03 2004
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 19:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 5 on Sat Jun 27
19:47:06 2004 by TorstenSchlabach

+ In order to link a picture that you have uploaded as an asset, you need to insert a relative
link to {{doc_id/filename.ext}}. If for example you are editing the page {{index}} and you
uploaded a picture called {{building.png}}, you would need to link to {{index/building.png}}.
+ This is also true for pages that are not directly under home, but anywhere in the hierarchy.
If for example you need to link a picture called photo.jpg in {{/products/enduser/product_a/overview_a}}
the link would still be {{overview_a/photo.jpg}}.
+ This remains true in any editor. In Kupu for example you can type this link directly into
to the appropriate field and hit the "Insert Image" button beneath. You should see the image
appear immediatelly inside the page you are editing.

Page: , version: 121 on Sat Jun 27 19:06:48
2004 by TorstenSchlabach


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