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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] Cocoon215TOC LenyaUserMeetingSpain2004 Main Thu May 6 10:00:07 2004
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 08:00:07 GMT
Page: , version: 56 on Wed May  6 07:30:04
2004 by DerekH

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is very obscure: omit or expand with detailed example

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May  6 07:56:56 2004 by

+ -----------------
+ I sent a email and at the same time I received your site information exchange so I repeat
my emal.  
+ Neither I know any company in Spain.
+ Concerning a meeting in Spain I,m willing to attend . Actually I would like to attend an
european meeting but I think is to early for my cocoon-lenya experience .
+ I read there is a meeting in Zurich? this month.
+ So I'm ready to work in organizing a meeting in Spain. Where? Madrid is in the center. Sevilla
is always a wonderfull meeting point. Other places....
+ When ? maybe ASAP.
+ (spanish trans.
+ Yo tampoco sé de ninguna compañia que de soporte en España
+ respecto a una reunión en España, estoy dispuesto a asistir. En realidad me gustaría
a asistir a la reunión que tendrá lugar en breve ( en Zurich?)
+ . Pero me parece un poco precipitado para mi experiencia en Cocoon-Lenya.
+ En fín , me ofrezco para organizar un encuentro en España. Donde? .. Madrid está en el
centro, sevilla is siempre una buena elección. otros sitios...Cuando? Pues quizás lo antes
+ Luis Zorita

Page: , version: 409 on Wed May  6 07:20:28 2004

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