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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] LenyaFAQ WoodyScratchpad Wed Mar 31 00:00:04 2004
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 22:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 38 on Mon Mar 30 22:02:05
2004 by

- __How to create a new document type?__\\
?                                       --

+ __How to create a new document type?__

Page: , version: 16 on Mon Mar 30
21:52:15 2004 by

+ ''[tim|TimLarson]: I will answer this in several steps. First, the "wd:import" is meant
as direct parallel to java's "import" statement. It should not create or insert any widget
definitions on its own, but just bring widget definition types into scope. The "extends" syntax
defined in the section above is used to actually create widget definitions based on the types
defined in the imported source. Second, imports are private to the form or repository that
declares them. If a repository imports another repository and wants to make its types available,
it will have to do "<wd:widget extends="nested-ns:type" defines"type"/> for each imported
type it wants to expose, and these would then become part of its own namespace. Internally
this will just add some references, not not waste memeory on unchanged copies of the definitions.
We could also introduce a mass syntax for this. Third, could you explain further about this
crawling need?''
+ **''[tim|TimLarson]: Yes, otherwise we break recursive GUI editor forms. (fyi, they are
the reason I am working on this.)''

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