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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] LenyaFAQ ApacheModProxy Thu Mar 11 13:00:04 2004
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 35 on Wed Mar 11 11:32:34
2004 by JoergHeinicke

- [sdfsdf]
+ !!!FAQ
+ !!Installation
+ __Lenya CMS ui tabs are not displayed, whats wrong?__\\
+ Check your classpath for xalan versions above 2.5.0 and remove them. Otherwise some weird
errors *may* occur. This issue is related to [bug 27474|].
+ !!Schema
+ !How to to edit (with Bitflux in lenya) validate documents against my own Relax NG schema?
+ * You have to create a new document type.
+ * You have to add the appropriate menu item.
+ !!Document Type (short: Doctype)
+ __How to create a new document type?__\\
+ See [LenyaAddingCustomDocType].
+ !!Virtual hosting
+ __Can lenya be integrated into a virtual hosting environment?__\\
+ Yes, the probably most simple setup would be to use a standard Apache webserver with mod_proxy
and then connect the various "URL prefixes" to the various  other servers.
+ __Do I need to create a Lenya install for each virtual server?__\\
+ No, you can run all publications within one servlet container context, which are
+ being called by the virtual servers within Apache for instance.\\
+ \\
+ __Is there a way to create multiple sites accessible via various methods of access control
(based on who owns them)?__\\
+ Yes, with the Lenya access control framework this is no problem\\
+ \\
+ !!File-upload
+ __Does Lenya have something along the lines of a form that will allow people to upload XML
files, have them validated, etc, then publish on a live site?__\\
+ ATM there's the one form editor (a big text area to edit XML in).
+ Another possibility is to use WebDAV to import XML files.\\

Page: , version: 36 on Wed Mar 11 11:02:13
2004 by

- up with "{{The connection was refused when attempting to contact
+ up with "{{The connection was refused when attempting to contact http://www.domain.tld/}}".
?                                                                 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

- http://www.domain.tld/}}".

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