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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] CocoonForms Woody2CocoonForms Wed Mar 10 13:00:03 2004
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 12:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 1 on Tue Mar 10 11:35:50
2004 by ReinhardPoetz

New page created:
+ Is the upcoming Cocoon forms framework. It is derived from [Woody].
+ For now you have to look into the Woody documentation for details but things will change
in the future :-)
+ If you want to upgrade to Cocoon Forms (which has to be done if you want to use 
+ the latest features, bugfixes, ...) you find an upgrade guide [here|Woody2CocoonForms]

Page: , version: 1 on Tue Mar 10
11:56:13 2004 by ReinhardPoetz

New page created:
+ !What has changed?
+ *From the user point of view mainly the __namespaces__ of your __definition, template and
bindings files__ have changed:
+ **from xmlns:wd=""
+   to xmlns:fd=""
+ **from xmlns:wb=""
+  toxmlns:fb=""
+ **from xmlns:wi=""
+  xmlns:fi=""
+ **from xmlns:wt=""
+  xmlns:ft=""> 
+ *Also the namespace of related Java packages has changed from org.apache.cocoon.woody.*
+  org.apache.cocoon.forms. 
+ **sitemap
+  This has an impact on your generator and transformer decklarations:
+ ***org.apache.cocoon.woody.generation.WoodyGenerator --> org.apache.cocoon.forms.generation.FormsGenerator
+ ***org.apache.cocoon.woody.transformation.WoodyTemplateTransformer --> org.apache.cocoon.forms.transformation.FormsTemplateTransformer

+ ***Also the hint for those two components in the Cocoon sample sitemaps has changed from
woody to forms.
+ **cocoon.xconf
+ ***element names (e.g. from woody-binding to forms-binding)
+ ***class files of widgest have moved from the woody namespace to the forms namespace
+ *If you used the __default stylesheets__ of Woody the name has changed e.g. from "woody-samples-styling.xsl"
to "forms-samples-styling.xsl".
+ *The __flowscript__ function has changed its name from "woody" to "forms" and the function
library which is usually included into Woody flowscripts has been moved from         rorg/apache/cocoon/woody/flow/javascript/woody2.js
to org/apache/cocoon/forms/flow/javascript/forms.js".
+ !Can the upgrade be done automatically?
+ Run the Ant task "woody2CocoonForms-renaming" which is part of the Cocoon build system (run
+ "build woody2CocoonForms-renaming" from your Cocoon base directory).
+ It can also be used to upgrade your custom projects as it requests you to enter the directory

+ which has to be changed at command line.

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