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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] cocoon2.1_on_tomcat4.1 TonyEdwards Thu Feb 5 14:00:03 2004
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 13:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 1 on Thu Feb
 5 12:38:05 2004 by

New page created:
+ This is how I got cocoon 2.1 installed on top of tomcat 4.1 (on windows):
+ 1. unzip cocoon 2.1
+ 2. from the unzipped directory: "build clean"
+ 3. from the unzipped directory: "build webapp"
+ 4. install tomcat (i used the .exe installer)
+ 5. stop tomcat if it is running
+ 6. move the webapp directory in your cocoon-2.1/build directory to "C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Tomcat 4.1\webapps" (you don't want to copy this, trust me), and rename the webapp directory
to "cocoon".
+ 7. start tomcat and point browser to ""
+ 8. click on "Tomcat Manager" and enter your login and password provided during the tomcat
+ 9. you should see the "cocoon" directory listed - click on the "start" url next to it (it
takes some time here for the browser to come back with a reply page)
+ 10. click on the cocoon url itself, and you should be getting to the cocoon page 

Page: , version: 1 on Thu Feb  5 12:48:11
2004 by TonyEdwards

New page created:
+ A VB programmer by trade, I got turned on to Cocoon when I began fiddling with XML about
2 years ago.
+ Since then I've developed a couple of simple document management apps but am now getting
stuck into the manifold machinations of Flow and Woody.
+ \\In my opinion its the closest thing to __VB for the web__ that I've ever seen!
+ I'm toying with the idea of forming an Australian Cocoon User Group as I've noticed a fair
increase in the number of Aussie submissions on the user lists.
+ If you read this and you're an Australian and you think its a good idea make a submission
on the user list and I'll get in touch.

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