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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] DocbookTransformation Mon Feb 2 19:00:07 2004
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 18:00:08 GMT
Page: , version: 37 on Mon Feb
 2 18:10:40 2004 by FredericGlorieux

+ [FredericGlorieux] It seems to me that the xml parser problem is encountered in resolution
of entities for the localisation messages {your xsl-docbook distrib}/common/l10n.xml, include
by {your xsl-docbook distrib}/common/l10n.xsl# <xsl:param name="l10n.xml" select="document('../common/l10n.xml')"/>.
With the last saxon6, in core.log jetty says " no protocol:
en.xml" (and same for all localisations). Fast workaround (and not so bad practice in fact,
because of the size of the file), edit your own l10n.xml with the localisations you need,
instead of the entities.
+ [FredericGlorieux] Try before an offline transformation with you prefered saxon7.jar. You
will have lots of warns because of bugs in you docbook-xsl distrib, essentially, confusion
between strings and numbers in comparisons, especially in the generated titlepage.templates.xsl.

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