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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] Doco Mon Dec 22 05:00:04 2003
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 04:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 10 on Mon Dec 22 03:07:51 2003
by Stefanomazzocchi

+ ''A hierarchical structure indicates a unique placing, or, given the ability to create symbolic
links, a preferred location for that resource. This also implies that someone (might not be
the author of the page, but still a person) must decide where the page resides. This decision
is often the most expensive in decisional terms, because its hard to measure the judgment
made, especially in environments like open source where there is no figure for an editor.
Also, the location of a particular resource in a hierarchy seems to limit the ability to reuse
that resource in another context and, potentially, without human intervention... [stefanomazzocchi]''
+ ''the mod_proxy/mod_cache couple are definately the way to go in a dynamic environment,
still, from both a political and community perspective, I think that using static content
is the way to go for now. But I do agree with you that in the future a transparent mod_proxy/mod_cache
situation with push-based (and IP-filtered to avoid DoS!) cache invalidation mechanism for
mod_cache would be extremely beneficial, for Doco and for many other situations, but at a
later stage...[stefanomazzocchi]''

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