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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] XMLIndiceCocoon2.1 ArjeCahn Thu Dec 4 20:00:04 2003
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 19:00:05 GMT
Page: , version: 6 on Thu Dec  4
18:33:20 2003 by Upayavira

+ ! Specifying a Database in Embedded mode
+ To specify a database, you need to set a system property. You can do this by adding:
+ {{-Dxindice.configuration=<path to your system.xml>}} to the command line when starting
your servlet container.
+ Then, create a system.xml file, based upon the one you'll find in {{config/system.xml}}.
In there you'll find the path to your database {{db}} specified. (Note - I couldn't find one
in the XIndice 1.1b1 release, I had to get it from CVS [uv|Upayavira]

Page: , version: 6 on Thu Dec  4 18:25:10
2003 by ArjeCahn

- Cocoon developer and CMS consultant at [Hippo Webworks|]
+ Hello, I'm Arjé Cahn and I am the technical manager of [Hippo Webworks|].
+ My main concern is the development of our content management system which has been using
Cocoon as a publishing framework for nearly two years now. Right now I'm trying to steer all
our efforts towards Slide and Lenya. Besides that, I can say I'm damn proud of all the brilliant
ideas my fellow workers put into the sites we build with Cocoon. I sincerely hope that we
can donate more and more of our time and code to the Apache Cocoon project.
+ WebDAV has been one of the key technologies we use, and I have high expectations for the
recent Slide incarnation as a repository for Cocoon. [Unico Hommes] has been preaching Slide
in this company for three years now, and I think the timing is right to get going with it.

+ I'm not a Java wizard so I'm having a hard time saying sensible things with all the Guru's
surrounding Cocoon. Please bare with me..
+ The Hippo Cocoon team is: [Unico Hommes], [Jeroen Reijn], [Johan Stuyts], [Arthur Bogaart],
[Rogier Peters], [Berend Snijder] and myself.
+ I'm trying to get the [Cocoon User Group Holland] running a little bit. If you're interested
in Cocoon and located in or near The Netherlands, feel free to join us and meet informally
to share ideas and a some drinks.

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