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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] CocoonFeatures GETlenya Mon Nov 24 20:00:04 2003
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 49 on Mon Nov 24 18:46:26
2003 by JoergHeinicke

+ ''This page has been moved to the official Cocoon documentation and is now available at
[]. If you want to add further features or correct
some issues please add it either here or provide a patch to the official documentation.
- *Should be available from the Cocoon homepage
+ Thanks.''
- *Semi-techies and all people that evaluate a project within a few minutes
- *A link for your boss
- *This doc should be readable within 2 minutes and shouldn't become a replacement of any
other Cocoon docs yet available.
+ !! To be integrated/corrected into the official documentation:
+ * ...
- *Cocoon community
- !!General information
- *Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concepts of ''component-based''
web development
-  and ''separation of concerns'', ensuring that people can interact and collaborate on a
project without
-  stepping on each other toes.
- *Cocoon implements these concepts around the notion of ''component pipelines'', 
-  each component on the pipeline specializing on a particular operation (usual pipeline uses
a Generator, Transformers and a Serializer). This makes 
-  it possible to use a Lego(tm)-like approach in building web solutions, hooking 
-  together components into pipelines without requiring programming.
- *Advanced Control Flow: ''continuation-based page flow'' hides the complexity of request/response
processing and is cleanly separated from the view and data components.
- *Cocoon is ''open source'' software (based on the 
-  [Apache Software License|]).
- *Cocoon doesn't duplicate efforts but tightly ''integrates many technologies''.
- *Cocoon is in use at many [live sites|]
and on many company networks.
- *Cocoon has a strong community, with many ''active developers'' and more than 15 ''active
- *There is ''free support'' on our [mailing lists|]

-  and ''commercial support'' is available from various companies and consultants.
- *There are many Cocoon sessions at different ''conferences'' 
-  ([Cocoon GetTogether|], 
-  [ApacheCon|], 
-  [WJAX|],
-  [JAX|]).
- *To get started see the "first steps" documentation track (TODO ADD LINK). Basically you
only need to  [download Cocoon|], unpack it and follow
the simple INSTALL.txt instructions. A minimal version of the [Jetty|]
servlet container is included with Cocoon.
- !!Usage scenarios
- As you would expect, all of these scenarios can be combined.
- *Dynamic multi-channel web publishing (see below for the possible datasources and output
- *Create static content (automatically) by separating data from view - see [Forrest|]
- *Advanced web applications with J2EE integration \\
-  (with separation of your data, the view and the flow logic --> 
-  this really means you can change one of the 
-  parts without touching another)
- *Develop your company portal using the Cocoon Portal framework
- *Support multiple clients, layouts and languages (i18n) without code duplication
- *Integrate Cocoon with your existing web applications or use it to put a better face on
them (page scraping)
- *Add full-text search to any datasource that can be converted to XML (see below)
- *Use Cocoon as the base for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
- *Use Cocoon as the base for your Content Management System (CMS)
-  (see also [Lenya|] for a Cocoon based CMS)
- *Use Cocoon for producing mobile content (mobile phones, pdas)
- *Datawarehouse reporting across multiple formats (see [xReporter|])
- !!Connect your datasources
- Out of the box, the following data can be converted to XML to be processed by Cocoon pipelines.
- *XML Files
- *XML based (Web) services
- *RDBMS (via JDBC, including connection pooling)
- *XML databases
- *SAP Systems
-  by adding the SAP JavaConnector see [] (only accessible
for SAP customers)
- *[WebDAV|]
- *CVS (supported by the external project [CVSSource|])
- *Text-based file formats, either using the integrated  [Chaperon|]
parser for a yacc-like approach to parsing, or the "slop" component (Simple Line Oriented
- *[Velocity|] templates
- *JXPath/Jexl templates
- *eXtensible Server Pages (XSP) with wide range of logicsheets (database, mailing, ...)
- *[Python|] (Jython) and generic BSF support
- *JSP
- *Filesystem (traversing directory hierarchies)
- *Any information provided by environment (request, session)
- *Flash
- *XMidi
- *Easily aggregate different datasources
- !!Transform your XML based on standards
- *XSLT (The default XSLT-Engine is [Xalan|], 
-  [XSLTC|] is included in the Cocoon distribution,
-  other XSLT-Engines like [Saxon|] can be easily integrated)
- *[STX|] (Streaming Transformations for XML)
- *[XInclude|] with [XPointer framework|]
- !!Serialize your XML to various output formats
- *XML
- *PDF
- *Postscript
- *MS Excel files
- *Charts (see external project Fins [])
- *Flash
- *Plain text
- *[SVG|]
- *RTF
- *[|]/StarOffice
- *ZIP archives
- !!What else we can do for you:
- *Coexist and interoperate side-by-side with your existing J2EE solutions (EJB, JMX, ...)
- *Cocoon Portals (expect support for JSR168 soon)
- *Scheduler - Run background tasks for maintenance, etc.
- *Caching on many levels
- *Integrated search engine (using [Lucene|])
- *DELI (detect client configuration)
- *Catalog Entity Resolver to map to local copies of DTDs and other resources
- *Publish your own WebServices ([Apache Axis|] is integrated)
- *Java Mail support
- *Easy integration of object-relational-frameworks ([OJB|], [Hibernate|],
- *I18n support (translation support)
- *Easily extensible by clear interfaces (write your own components following [Avalon|]
- *Many, many examples and samples
- *Configurable build mechanism based on [Ant|] (you decide which parts
of Cocoon you need)
- *Integration of Java data binding frameworks ([Castor|], [Betwixt|])
- !!Form handling frameworks
- *Simple form handling called JXForms (inspired by the client-side [XForms|]
- *Enhanced form handling with strong validation through Woody (continues where JXForms stops)
- *Easy integration of (future) XForms clients
- !!Cocoon deployment and integration
- *Every servlet container (2.2 and above) like Tomcat, Jetty, JRun, Websphere, Weblogic,
- *Command line execution, without requiring a servlet container
- *Embedding in any Java application

Page: , version: 57 on Mon Nov 24 18:03:44
2003 by Scherler

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- * password:
+ * password: anoncvs
- !Note: Installation instructions (see note 3below) give correct user/password as anoncvs/anoncvs
- \\
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- * open the tree of the new CVS: head - cocoon-lenya\\
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