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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] NicoVerwer Fri Nov 21 12:00:01 2003
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 11:00:02 GMT
Page: , version: 1 on Fri Nov 21 10:10:12
2003 by NicoVerwer

New page created:
+ Hi,
+ My name is Nico Verwer, and I am a software developer for [Be Value|]
in the Netherlands.
+ For many years I have worked on web and XML related projects, but I had not used Cocoon
until April 2003, when I started working on a project for a large publishing company.
+ Our job was to implement a configurable production system, making publications from sets
of 'XML components' coming from the content management system.
+ With Cocoon, we (two programmers) were able to do this in record time.
+ We have developed techniques to produce VERY large documents with Cocoon, and to compute
increments for changing documents.
+ We are going to use Cocoon for more projects, and intend to actively participate in the
Cocoon community, first by writing some documentation for this Wiki.
+ Cheers,
+ Nico\\
+ nverwer<at>

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