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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] DistributingCocoonApplications Sat Nov 8 14:00:05 2003
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 13:00:06 GMT
Page: , version: 12
on Sat Nov  8 12:23:08 2003 by

+ Here's a related random thought: what about a "servlet archive", a .sar-file.  This could
be a jar-file with one or more servlet and all required resources similar to a war or (ejb)
jar etc.  Dependant libraries would be added to the manifest (MANIFEST.MF) as usual.  The
sar-file should include a default servlet descriptor for each servlet which could be referenced
in the web.xml file where servlet file patterns should be set up.  An analogy to the concept
of a sar-file would be the JCA Adapters (rar-files), used to extend a J2EE-containers functionality
to legacy systems.   I do realize, of course, that this entails meddling with the J2EE-spec...\\

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