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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] DistributingCocoonApplications Thu Nov 6 17:00:03 2003
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 16:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 11
on Thu Nov  6 15:53:02 2003 by

+ ---- 
+ The fact that cocoon basically is structured as an application server, similar to an EJB/WebApp
container, is after a few days of rifling through the documentation, quite evident.  Being
used to J2EE packaging it has been quite confusing to figure out exactly __how__ I am supposed
to package my applications (together with cocoon) for distribution.  When I say distribution
here, I mean even within an enterprise.  Sysadmins are an altogether separete breed from developers.\\
+ If cocoon is to be regarded as a (J2EE) contatiner in its own right alternative #3 should
seriously be considered.  But on the other hand, deploying cocoon as a webapp it seems quite
strange to include a new webapp like structure (similar to a war file) inside the cocoon webapp.
 This does not really feel compatible with how webapps are handled in most servlet containers
since entire applications are likely to be deleted when re-installing cocoon.\\
+ Probably a fourth alternative, similar to the way most APIs are handled, is the most natural:
"support for cocoon as a library in an arbitrary webapp".  All cocoon resources (including
"system" stylesheets and so on) should be packaged nicely in jar files and maybe a sample
web.xml file should be produced.  Ideally the relevant jars should also be available as a
libraries in a [maven|] repository (like [ibiblio|])
and cocoon dependencies should be clearly stated, perhaps even in a sample POM file.\\
+ /Christoffer Soop

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