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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] GT2003Hackathon Sat Oct 4 17:00:04 2003
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 15:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 90 on Sat Oct  4 14:23:54
2003 by Stefanomazzocchi

+ ! Introduction to the Java Repository API (David Nuescheler,  JSR-170 Spec Lead)
+ I (Stefano) have invited David at the GT2003 to give us an overview of the Java Content.
David will give a rapid presentation of what JSR 170 is about, where it is supposed to fit
architecturally and what problems will solve. We are expecting the API to be in public draft
exactly on the day of the GT or shortly after (it's currently under legal review inside the
+ ! The quest for Cocoon's own Content Management. (Stefano)
+ I would like to talk about a general architecture for cocoon's own content management. The
goal is to catalize the creation of a content management system based on cocoon for cocoon's
own content. Sort of a wiki that saves XHMTL in a repository (CVS or other), with a little
workflow, dead-simple editing, and improved navigation capabilities (wikis really suck on
that). How present efforts (like Forrest, Lenya, Linotype, etc..) fit in this picture will
come up from the discussion. 
+ My dream is remove both hand-edited XML and the need for a wiki: the system should be able
to replace the wiki in simplicity, match the existing forrest-based infrastructure for coherence
and beauty, allow all users to edit documents but without compromising our security (a little
approuval workflow will be required) and without scaring them away.  It would be an incredibly
useful tool for us and an incredibly powerful showcase of the potentiality of cocoon itself.
+ ### David Nuescheler   
+ !!!Collaborative Software to have
+ If you are a user of MacOSX, you should come with [SubEthaEdit|]
(formerly known as Hydra) installed. This is a rendezvous-enabled real-time collaborative
text editor. It is *wonderful* for taking notes collaboratively on these types of events.
+ If you aren't a user of MacOSX, [buy one|] or die of envy ;-)
+ * I will bring my digital video camera and a firewire cable (Stefano)
+ ** Does anybody have a tripod? I have a very tiny one but a real one should be better

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