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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: maintaining consistent URLs
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 15:45:36 GMT
Le Vendredi, 5 sep 2003, à 17:15 Europe/Zurich, David Crossley a écrit :
> ...I think that it is vital for Cocoon's
> reputation that we maintain all links. I know that we are still
> a static website and it is a management nightmare.

It is certainly, I'm afraid that no one will maintain this if we start 
doing it in a static way.

> That is why
> URL-space needs careful planning....

Right - and now might be a good time, as Carsten started to reorganize 
the docs.

But I'm sure the docs will keep moving around over time, so URL-space 
planning has to be clever - and easy to maintain for us lazy (or too 
busy) people.

I hate to talk once more about tools for the docs without knowing if 
time will allow me to make it happen, but how about:

-giving each doc page a unique identifier at the start of the filename, 


-handling "not found" requests by searching for the document ID in the 
filesystem, for example "wrongdir/00042-html-generator.html" would be 
redirected to 
"someNewDir/someSubdir/00042-html-generator-with-a-new-name.html" if 
the document has been moved around.

This would not be hard to implement (assuming the docs are served by a 
live Cocoon at some point), and require zero maintenance.

Or do you think it is actually possible to define permanent URLs for 
our docs?


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