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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: maintaining consistent URLs
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 11:48:50 GMT
Le Vendredi, 5 sep 2003, à 10:05 Europe/Zurich, David Crossley a écrit :
> ...Also, how do we propose to maintain consistent URLs
> when the current doc reorganisation has happened, e.g.
> userdocs/ directory is going away, so won't that break
> all those other websites that already link to 2.1 docs.
> Wouldn't it be terrible if Cocoon becomes laughing stock
> ... Cocoon is billed as "glue" but it does not stick.

Do you mean
a) handling obsolete links in a way that still shows the relevant page,
b) just helping the user find the page?

I think a) would be nice but a lot of work.
b) should be improved, the current error page is certainly not good 

For b), the first step could be to configure a nicer error page at the 
http server level, and the next step would be to show a search page to 
help people find what they're after (but this requires a live Cocoon 
instance if we want to do our own precise search).

If the current Google search is good enough, an easy way would be to 
configure an http error page which explains what happened and contains 
a Google search box like on other pages of the site.


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