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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] DocumentationTracksProject Thu Sep 4 17:00:03 2003
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 15:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 28 on Thu
Sep  4 14:53:02 2003 by

+ Done in the CVS docs ("First steps" track).
- The following information is usually required to understand the contents of other tracks.
- # How to [install cocoon |]
- # Studying the [Concepts |] on which
cocoon is based certainly helps, although you usually don't need to understand all of them
to study the other tracks.
- # A Cocoon Primer, similar to the [Forrest one|]
that quickly pinpoints people to the what and how of Cocoon. The Concepts document might be
nice, but maybe is a tad too conceptual for novel users. -- [Steven Noels]
+ Done in the CVS docs ("Web Publishing" track).
- Goal: publishing HTML documents dynamically out of XML data.
- # [How to Publish XML Documents in HTML and PDF|]
will get you started and contains pointers to more detailed information.
+ Done in the CVS docs ("Web Publishing" track).
- ** ''please complete - what tracks/documents to study for this?''
- # [Using XSL Formatting Objects|] is
a short article with basic intro to FO at [|]
- # [Using XSL Formatting Objects|] uses
XSLT to generate FO from some basic HTML.
- # [How to develop style sheets for XML to XSL-FO transformation|]
shows how to use XSLT to generate FO from some other XML. 
- # [XSL FO tutorial at RenderX|] also offers a readable
introduction to XSL-FO. Targeted at XEP rather than FOP or jfor, but it's all good.
- # [How-to publish html and pdf|]
- # [FOP|] is the Cocoon component which generates PDF.
- # [FOP extensions|] to FO, including how to do
PDF bookmarks.
- # [Serializing XSL-FO with jfor|]. [3]
- # [Useful reference from Zvon|].

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