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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: maintaining consistent URLs
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 08:09:16 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote: 
> David Crossley a écrit :
> > ...I think that it is vital for Cocoon's
> > reputation that we maintain all links. I know that we are still
> > a static website and it is a management nightmare.
> It is certainly, I'm afraid that no one will maintain this if we start 
> doing it in a static way.

That is right, so there seems no point trying that.

> > That is why
> > URL-space needs careful planning....
> Right - and now might be a good time, as Carsten started to reorganize 
> the docs.

One way to minimise the disruption would be to only make
radical changes to docs structure with major versions,
say in 2.2 rather than in 2.1.x

> But I'm sure the docs will keep moving around over time, so URL-space 
> planning has to be clever - and easy to maintain for us lazy (or too 
> busy) people.

We should be able to do it. There were various discussions in the past
on the structure of docs, tables of contents, and solid URLs.
With so much happening, perhaps we have all forgotten the outcome.

> I hate to talk once more about tools for the docs without knowing if 
> time will allow me to make it happen, but how about:
> -giving each doc page a unique identifier at the start of the filename, 
> like
>    00042-html-generator.xml

<snip implementation idea/>

> This would not be hard to implement (assuming the docs are served by a 
> live Cocoon at some point), and require zero maintenance.

Yes, but that might make it look like Cocoon needs to have
unique identifiers to be able to generate its output, like some
other clumsy systems. We have the Sitemap, surely there is a way.

Building on this flow of ideas ...

I wonder if there could be a special generator that built a registry by
gathering metadata content from the collection of xdocs. It could get
title, unique-identifier, current location, etc.

It would also have an existing registry that we provide it,
because we know all the URLs that we have published in the past.
We would need to manually build that registry to start, but then
the registry-generator would append to it and keep it maintained

So when the sitemap has no match, this registry is consulted,
and if still not found then generates a 404 and a page that
leads them on to some search solutions. 

Oh yeah, we need the live website.

> Or do you think it is actually possible to define permanent URLs for 
> our docs?

Well, from here on we should be able to define totally permanent URLs
for the conceptual stuff, .e.g. the sitemap conceptual document.

I suggest holding off the update of the website until 2.2 release,
i.e keep the 2.1 structure intact. (There you go Carsten, that
sounds like a "reason" for a new repository :-)


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