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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: Authors on docs
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:13:53 GMT

Christopher Oliver wrote:

> Can we please remove the author attribution in the docs on the web site?

Do you adress the Wiki pages, or the cocoon-docs ?
For the Wiki-pages, this property could indeed be
deleted from the pages, since the author(s) is(are)
kept in the history of a page.

> 1) These seem to be often inaccurate
> 2) IMO as with code and ideas, the community should receive credit for 
> the documentation, not specific authors.

Hmm... I think, it is really better to know, who does the work. Although
the work as a whole indeed is a comunity work. I don't like the idea of
anonymity. Besides this i think, people are proud working on this
project and i think, they have all rights on earth to be personally
But everyone has also the right to keep in the anonymity.
For me the decision is up to the author.

regards, Hussayn

> My $0.02,
> Chris

Dr. Hussayn Dabbous
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