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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: How to delete unwanted attachements ...
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 21:05:12 GMT
Hy, again,
I found the page [DeleteMe] on the Wiki.
Is this the official page, where i have to place
requests for deleting attachements ?
Will these requests trigger manual interaction, or
can i get rid of the attachements by myself ?
meanwhile i simply updated them with some harmless
text as Mathew did with his pages.
Would be really cool to find a "delete" button ;-)

regards, Hussayn

Hussayn Dabbous wrote:
> Hy,
> I am facing this problem of finding some unwanted, useless
> attachements on some of the wiki-pages. There was a thread
> some days ago about this. But i didn't understand exactly,
> how to get rid of these attachements.
> Is there a specific workflow for this issue?
> if yes, could this be documented somewhere in the wiki?
> perhaps in the EditPageHelp page itself, so it is always
> at hand while editing a page ?
> that would be great ...
> thanks, Hussayn

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