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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] BuildProperties Sun Aug 17 22:00:03 2003
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 20:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 2 on Sun Aug 17 19:48:47
2003 by GeoffHoward

+ Remember, with ant properties a property is not changed once it is set.  The build first
loads properties from a file (FIXME: what is this one named?) in the users home directory,
then from, then the original  If you set a value
before Cocoon's default does, your value "wins".
+ }}}
+ The above properties affect what is included __in the webapp__ (or war if you build that
+ * __documentation__ the cocoon docs as seen on the website.  The link for the documention
will also be excluded from the main welcome page.
+ * __javadocs__ the javadocs of all cocoon core and blocks classes.  The link for the javadocs
will also be excluded from the main welcome page.
+ * __idldocs__ some modeling documentation on the flow object model (FOM) described in idl.
 The link for the FOM docs will also be excluded from the main welcome page.
+ * __scratchpad__ new components or core functions under experimental development.  The components
will not be configured in, cocoon.xconf, etc.
+ * __samples__ the functioning samples.  This excludes core, blocks and scratchpad samples.
 (blocks and scratchpad may not have been included anyway depending on your choices in other
config options).
+ {{{
+ }}}
+ The above control what is actually assembled, whether they are included in the webapp or
+ * __scratchpad__ scratchpad will not be compiled at all.
+ * __deprecated__ classes moved to the deprecated source directory will not be compiled at
+ * __javadocs__ the javadocs will not be created at all
+ * __idldocs__ the idl FOM docs will not be created at all
+ {{{
+ }}}
+ The above are convenience settings to control some init-params in web.xml
+ * __include.driver.*__ causes the driver name to be declared in the load-class param.  They
__DO NOT__ cause the actual jar containing the driver to be placed in WEB-INF/lib nor do they
configure your datasource in cocoon.xconf.  They were added because declaring the class in
web.xml was a frequently forgotten task.
+ * __allow-reloads__ enables a magic "cocoon-reload" request parameter to cause the entire
Cocoon controller object to be disposed and recreated.  This is convenient when declaring
new components in cocoon.xconf during development, but should be disabled for any live site.
 It is not needed to allow subsitemaps or xsps to reload when their source is modified.
+ * __enable-uploads__ causes file uploads received via multipart html forms (with input type="file"
elements) to be automatically parsed by Cocoon and available as objects in the request.  There
are more settings related to this in web.xml.  There are at least two samples that will not
work unless this property is set to true.  It is disabled by default.
+ {{{

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