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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] WoodyFileFormats LenyaNamespaces Mon Aug 4 19:00:03 2003
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 17:00:04 GMT
Page: , version: 5 on Mon Aug  4 16:57:35
2003 by SylvainWallez

+ * Which language for {{<wd:assert>}} ? XPath would allow traversal of the whole form
and not be limited to the current widget's siblings.
+ Validation rules have a visibility on other fields, and also on a validation context object
provided by the application. This context allows validations to perform checks related to
data that is not present in the form (e.g. check that a username not already exists on a registration
form). The validation context object need not (although it can) be the same as the binding
context object (see binding below)
+ Binding the form to the 

Page: , version: 12 on Mon Aug  4
16:40:03 2003 by AndreasHartmann

+ |document/1.0|Lenya-specific data in documents

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