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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] People UgoCei Fri Aug 1 00:00:03 2003
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 22:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 153 on Thu Jul 31 21:26:45
2003 by UgoCei

+ * [Ugo Cei] -- Cocoon committer

Page: , version: 1 on Thu Jul 31 21:24:55 2003
by UgoCei

New page created:
+ I won't bother you with my computing history. Pretty boring stuff mostly everybody did:
BASIC, Pascal, C, Java, etc.
+ I've been using Cocoon since the days of version 1.7 but it was only after some time that
I discovered that Stefano was born and lived in the same small town as me. It's a small world,
isn't it?
+ Anyway, I liked Cocoon so much that I managed to force the company I work for to adopt it
for all of its Web development projects. Convincing newly hired developers that, despite its
complexity and steep learning curve, Cocoon is THE WAY to go is still difficult, though.
+ Since February 2002 I semi-regularly publish rants and random thoughts on [my weblog|].
A weblog is a great way of getting in touch with lots of very interesting and clever people,
and the occasional nuts ;-).
+ In July 2003, despite having contributed very little code to the project, I was voted in
as a Cocoon committer. I am confident this will stimulate me to write more code.
+ In my daytime job, I am used to donning different hats from time to time: developer, designer,
tech lead, project manager. At the moment, I'm trying to learn whatever I can about managing
developers, designing enterprise architectures and applying agile methodologies (XP, particularly).
+ In real life, I still live in my hometown (Pavia, in northern Italy) with my wife and daughter
of 5. Sorry, but I have no cats ;-).

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