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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: Back to home-grown docs? (Re: [RT] New Target: sub-sitemap)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 13:20:26 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
> Off in RT mode a bit..
> Every time I upgrade Forrest's jars, I think that Forrest should
> really just be a Cocoon block.  Despite its 20mb, there really isn't
> that much _content_ in Forrest.  A sitemap, some DTDs, a couple of
> skins, and an Ant-driven build process. 
> That the 'core' of Forrest is so small leads me to wonder if Cocoon
> shouldn't just include what it needs of Forrest internally. That would
> be:
> The forrest-css skin:  128k
> The v12 or v20a DTD :  31k
> A bunch of sitemaps :  124k
> Image resources     :  20k
> Stylesheet resources:  131k
> resolver.jar (ant)  :  68k
>                        -----
>                        502k
> Most Forrest developers are also Cocoon developers, so I suspect the
> cost of keeping these in synch is lower than the cost to Cocoon
> developers of having to deal with Forrest as a separate entity.
> The result would be that Cocoon eliminates a dependency, and Forrest
> gains a bunch of indirect contributors, as improvements to the Cocoon
> doc system get fed back into Forrest.  Plus (and this is the bit that
> appeals to me) any Cocoon breakage that affects Forrest will be
> Cocoon's problem before it becomes Forrest's ;)
> Practically, this amounts to:
> 1) In Cocoon's existing src/documentation/* doc system, synchronize
>    stylesheets, DTDs and images with Forrest's.
> 2) If everything works, call a vote on cocoon-docs to remove the
>    Forrest Ant targets, and use the built-in system.
> What do people think?

Personally, I'd like Forrest to be a block; but I didn't think
Cocoons' block infrastructure was up to the task, yet...


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