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Subject [WIKI-UPDATE] StreamingMedia Fri May 16 19:00:03 2003
Date Fri, 16 May 2003 17:00:03 GMT
Page: , version: 2 on Fri May 16 16:45:45
2003 by AndrewSavory

+ !!!Players
+ The state of the SMIL player market is disastrous - there are no really solid SMIL players,
no cross-platform standardisation, and there are severe inconsistencies in what works where.
As a minimum, the contents of this page should work with RealPlayer 8 on Windows and Linux,
but you will probably need to make adjustments if your target player is something else (for
example Apple's QuickTime or Real's RealOne).
+ When you have made the modifications listed above, it's a good idea to test they are working
by trying to view some streaming media on your site. First, add some content to the realtext
and realmedia directories.
+ TODO: Add links to example rt, rm, smil files on Real site.

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