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Subject Ambiguous cache directory directions?
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 15:29:14 GMT

I hope I'm directing this question to the correct address:

I find the directions for specifying Cocoon's file cache directory to be 
somewhat ambiguous: The document on the website at URL <A HREF=""></A> indicate (as I read
it) that cocoon.xconf 
is the configuration file that controls cache directory 
specifications/parameters. Reading the following snippet from cocoon.xconf reinforces this

  <!-- ============================ STORE ============================ -->
  <!-- Persistent store for the cache. Two store implementations to choose
         * FilesystemStore: Simple. Dependable. Thorougly tested.
         * JispFilesystemStore: Scalable. New kid on the block.

       Common configuration parameters:
         use-cache-directory: Indicates that cache directory specified in
                              web.xml should be used.
         use-work-directory: Indicates that work directory specified in
                             web.xml should be used.
         directory: Specifies directory to use. Absolute or relative to the
                    work directory.
class="" logger="">
    <parameter name="use-cache-directory" value="true"/>

However, adding <parameter name="directory" value="/my/cache/dir"/> to the <
cache-persistent> node does *not* work.

But, Cocoon (2.0.4) does use the values from web.xml for the cache directory

So, am I reading the docs incorrectly? Or is there an error in the 

Michael Tiffany

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