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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Do we need to scrap the existing docs and start over?
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 13:26:16 GMT
At 06:50 AM 4/3/2003, you wrote:
>Steven Noels wrote:
>>On 3/04/2003 8:46 Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>>>How does this sound?
>>I am very happy to hear that :-)
>Me too.


Speaking of new docs -
Steven, I just read the Cocoon introduction paper you mentioned recently on
the list.  It's the best single read introductions to Cocoon I've seen.  I
think it would be a significant improvement to the experience of discovering
Cocoon to have that content featured prominently in the new docs moving 
Are you able/willing to donate it?

My time's been very limited lately, but I'll try to pitch in on whatever new
docs movement happens along the lines Bertrand proposed.


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