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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Forrest documentation tabs (was [vote] Forrestizing Cocoon...)
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:33:48 GMT

On Thursday, March 27, 2003, at 07:08  AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Consensus is cool, turning it into a UN security council decision for 
> everything is only going to slow things down.

So then how would you have handled the cocoon-docs question differently? 
I didn't call for a vote. Yet a vote was called, and now we don't have a 
100% agreement, so we do "nothing" new, which means a minority of people 
are deciding what's going to happen. Is that community? Is that a 

People may equate docs == inertia, but it's really not fair. Remember, 
we've been stuck in the mud with a static site limitations until only 
very recently. We've deliberately held back on new approaches until 
Forrest transition occurred. Sometimes discussions may have predominated 
but that was simply because our options were limited.

Going forward, what's the best approach for the seeming majority of us 
who want a sandbox for docs?  Prototype a poor man's wiki-cms system on 
cocooondev (with Steven's good wishes, of course). Show how it works, 
figure out what it needs, and then reapproach this list for "approval".


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